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Art teacher, Lily Joy Friedling, has been teaching art privately and in schools for more than 10 years.  Lily earned her Masters degree from Columbia University and is Certified to teach visual art in Massachusetts and New York.  She has taught at Amherst Regional Middle School, The White Mountain School, and Tapestry Charter School.  Lily has led professional development for teachers and led workshops in arts integration for preservice teachers at Canisius College.  As an art teacher, Lily loves helping students to find their artistic voice and to realize they can communicate their own unique ideas through artwork.  Lily enjoys helping students to become comfortable with new art materials, and seeing her students' pride when they surprise themselves with what they are capable of.  


In addition to being an educator, Lily is a visual artist specializing in painting and drawing.  When Lily is not teaching she enjoys creating her own art.  In her work she often explores portraiture and her works communicate about individuals' inner worlds.  Lily’s work has been displayed in galleries and shows in New York and Vermont.  Lily also loves spending time hiking and enjoying nature, practicing yoga, and relaxed game nights with friends and family.  She loves exploring the natural beauty of the valley and the flourishing arts in this community.  

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